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Founded in 1872, Shiseido is the oldest cosmetics company in the world. The pioneering spirit combining aesthetics and well being with science and technology has always served as a philosophy for the creation of SHISEIDO products, a brand which is recognised and respected all over the world.

A traditional Japanese company geared to people of all nationalities, origins, races and cultures. Based on its spirit of hospitality (OMOTENASHI), the main objective of Shiseido is to provide its consumers with the maximum beauty and well-being.


141 years of Research and Development involving around 1,000 researchers, 10 research centers around the world and 2,400 registered patents. An approach based on three essential pillars: functionality, sensitivity and safety as a means of guaranteeing the brand to the consumer.

It is governed by three basic lifelong values:
Wealth – Human Sciences – Omotenashi

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