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Concept of the brand

JUVENA is geared to women who know that time is experience and that this develops the personality, that youth is also attitude and not just appearance. All that characterises a woman – her mind, spirit, way of walking, the shine in her eyes, the radiance of her skin – all this comprises her personal attractiveness. JUVENA has been regarded as a pioneer in skin research and a specialist in anti-aging cosmetics since 1954. The pioneering spirit of the brand combined with Swiss accuracy gave rise to a vanguard technology and major anti-aging innovation. JUVENA – vanguard skin care.




Recreate fresh skin as new with SKINNOVA SC TECHNOLOGY

All these years researching the processes which result in the ageing of the skin has resulted in scientists from JUVENA making a fundamental discovery: the source for a new and fresh skin comes from two main achievements - Skin Nova Technology and a Stem Cell Peptide. JUVENA named this dual revolution SkinNova SC Technology*. This technology actively supports the activity of skin stem cells while simultaneously providing the ideal environment for all the skin cells. This revolutionary dual technology ensures a surprising effect, in that it is a principle which is identical and compatible with that of cell renewal which smoothens and renews the skin, guaranteeing a clearly enhanced skin quality from the inside. The result: a fresh and renewed skin – regardless of age.

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