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Issey Miyake, the most international of the Japanese designers.

Issey Miyake is the fusion artist, an inventor, a visionary who lives in search of the essential. A creator, artist and inventor, he is inspired by nature, design and meetings. He combines tradition and vanguard, sobriety and colour, naturalness and sophistication, handicraft and cutting-edge technology like nobody else.

Issey Miyake is not a style, but an authentic creative spirit.

The refinement and modernity of Japan combined with the “savoir faire” of French luxury. His perfumes are of a universal nature in harmony with life.

“I´m interested in everything I don´t know”
Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake´s perfumes provide pure emotions in the form of:

- a tribute to the senses: the senses awaken, all you need to do is let yourself be guided and trust them in order to experience the emotions. The senses never lie.

- the luxury of the essential: luxury with no artifices. The luxury of essence rather than appearance. In a perfume, this philosophy translates to high-quality raw materials in the hands of the best perfumers.

- modern poetry: Issey Miyake sees the world in a poetic manner: Man and nature are a constant source of inspiration. He sees nature as something refined, stylized, symbolic and powerful, he injects poetry into the simplest things and provides authentic emotions.

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