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The Hermes style was born in 1837. The Hermes brand now has business in 14 sectors: a magic and multi-faceted world in which materials are treated with respect and love by the hands of the artisan, a universe of quality featuring unique and timeless perfumes.

Eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and pure perfume are terms which designate different ways of expressing a fragrance. At Hermes, each of these forms represents a new olfactory creation and not merely a variation in the concentration. They spark specific desires, produce unique emotions and each one has its own ritual.


The sensuality of fine raw materials, the presence of great aromas, the magic of a fine bottle, the art of presenting it and the manner in which it is worn exalt the beauty of a Perfume.

"Our perfumes exist only for those who wear them"
Jean-Claude Ellena

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